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Jessie’s Last Ride

In the early nineties a small group of airshow performers offered pioneering wingwalker Jessie Woods a chance to ride the wing once more.  Jessie was in her eighties, but leapt at the chance.  We’ve dipped into our archives to present this little feature, “Jessie’s Last Ride”.

14 comments to Jessie’s Last Ride

  • Ward & Elaine Kremer

    Love this video………what a wonderful story and incredible lady!

  • Marilyn Keller Rittmeyer

    My father Robert L Keller is Steve Oliver’s uncle and I am his cousin. We both just watched this video and we are so proud of Steve. He and Suzanne did a great thing for this woman, taking her up for this last experience wing walking. Thanks for the video! We loved watching it!

    • brian

      This was a very special feature for all of us at the Tailwheeler’s Journal. I’m so glad that so many of you have appreciated it. Perhaps it will help the memory of Jessie live on. Thank you!

  • Denis Arndt

    Kudos, Brian. I’m still weeping. Happy tears for a poignant human story well told. I’ll wait for your screenplay. What a wonderful intimation of the more detailed story yet to be told, yet to play. In the meantime, Congrats all the way around, an attractive screen appearance, and some skookum camera and edit. Ken Dravis’ song, your story,that shot of her singing on the wing! (You’ll have to find those lyrics, maybe some lip-sync guy). And am pleased that you’ve shown us: THESE are the days! Thankyou Jesse and Brian.

  • Brian,

    Just watched this again and al I can say is … Wow! Thanks for saving this piece of history for all of us. It’s my great pleasure to be able to say I was friends with everyone in this story.



  • Steve Woods

    Jimmie Woods was my Father’s cousin and I grew up hearing stories about wing-walking Jessie.
    I never met her, but I sure wish I had. What a woman. I remember my Dad and Grandmother telling stories
    about Jimmie buzzing the family home in Kingman, KS to let them know that they’d be dropping in for dinner. Jimmie was a bit of a rounder, but Jessie was a real super star in aviation history.

  • Greg Smith

    Crazy Aunt Jessie. That is what I thought her name was. I come from her side of the family: the Schulz’s. Clyde, my grandfather, was her brother. I spent my summers of the 1960’s in Kansas, on the farm she was raised on. All I knew is she eloped with Jimmie Woods and went flying around the Mid West on the wing of his plane. When my grandfather spoke of her, he was both smiling and winsome. I was too young to realize what a pioneer she and Jimmie were. I am trying to show my grown kids and now grandkids what she did. Thanks for the video! Well done.
    Oh and one more thing someone can finally dispel. I was told at some time Jimmie suffered from a fatal attack of rabies. While it certainly adds to the story, I have never given it much credibility.

  • Jacqueline Herendeen

    I was there that day and talked with Jessie and watched her walk the wing for the last time……… she had some tales to tell also…… J.

  • It was 50 years ago this year that I soloed. In a half century, this was probably my most memorable flight. I still get goose bumps when I tell it…seriously.

  • Jen Drutman

    What a wonderful, touching story, and beautifully told.

  • SportsterBob

    I included Jesse’s bio on

    • brian

      Thank you. Jessie was a good friend and that is probably why the video is so important to me… it is one of my very favorites. Love what you’re doing.

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