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“Nuts from a Blind Squirrel”

Just as a blind squirrel occasionally gets a nut, articles in the Tailwheeler’s Journal occasionally strike a chord and deal with a subject that is both entertaining and interesting.  That’s why we’re naming our exciting new project, “Nuts from a Blind Squirrel”.  Fourteen articles, most of which haven’t been published, have been selected to be produced as audio stories.  These stories have been selected for their appeal both to pilots and

those who don’t fly.  Read by the author, each story is produced with sound effects and music.  Like a “book on tape”, they’ll be perfect for listening to while driving to work.  They’ll be packaged on either a CD or an MP3 file and be available at theTailwheeler’s Mercantile. “ Nuts from a Blind Squirrel” will be a great Christmas Present.  The elves at Tailwheel Town are working like crazy to have the first nuts ready to go by November 32, so you’ll have plenty of time to get one delivered by Christmas.  And you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that the profits from “Nuts from a Blind Squirrel” will go to pay the power bill and thus keep icicles from forming on the old squirrel’s nose this winter.

We’ll keep you posted both on this site and our newsletter as to price and availability.


3 comments to “Nuts from a Blind Squirrel”

  • Jon Crain

    Hi Brain.Let me know when Nuts from a Blind Squirrel is ready. Thanks again for the Tailwheeler’s journal.Always great to get it.Thank You Jon.

  • E2


    Looking forward to the final product. I’ve been so impressed with edits I’ve listened to so far. What a great project!

    These adventures are captivating and just “plane fun”. I must say, I can picture myself there, watching the events as they unfold.

    Using my imagination for developing the pictures in my head really adds to the appeal and leaves me wanting more!
    This must have been what it was like listening in the Golden Era of Radio…

    Great work Brian.


  • John M aka Flying Miss Daisy

    Hi Brian,
    I am also interested in your writings.
    Please let me know when you have them available.

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