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Multiple Landings

15 comments to Multiple Landings

  • Jim Mateski

    Wow! Your video content and production is just getting better and better! ( I told Jeff I was envious watching you guys swooping around in the Cub the other day as I was lumbering around in the Cherokee)

  • Very interesting. Not the boring norm. Kept my attention and that’s not easy to do. Very up beat and happy which I love to teach my people…having fun and learn something different that might save your life. Great presentation. Need more of this technique to rid the lazy world of glass and auto. Real flying. No buttons,knobs and switches here. I love what you’re doing. Thank you. Bar

  • Bob Daly

    Another great video, with something I can try in the Ercoupe. Thanks Brian keep em coming

    • brian

      Thanks to ALL of you who have sent in your comments. I was absolutely covered up with flight training today so I couldn’t answer each one. I’m so gratified at the response to both “Multiple Landings” and “Early Morning Meeting”. They have both been so well-received and I really appreciate all these very supportive comments. Thank you and yes, I will keep them coming for just as long as I can!

  • Marty Winger

    Just a thanks for all you provide us with. I was shocked (at best) to see Pacific Flyer will not be with us, Wayman is quite the character and we have seen it for many years.

    Best wishes,


    • brian

      I appreciate the comment, Marty. We’ll miss Pacific Flyer. There were times when Wayman Dunlap’s writing was brilliant.

      (for those who aren’t aware of it, Marty is with Sleeping Dog Productions. They do wonderful aerial videography which can be seen at


  • Terry Weathers


    Those are some of the finest wheel landings I’ve ever seen executed. Well done!

    The video production was excellent also.

    Keep up the good work.


  • Tana Anderson

    The videoing and instruction is so precise and easy to understand. I am very impressed. Makes me want to take lessons again 😉 Have a great day.

  • Awesome video Brian. Nicely done

  • Willy Sargent

    I love watching your videos. They give me inspiration to improve. My TW instructor did not believe in wheel landings so I am trying to teach myself. So you can imagine I get lots of multiples but mine aren’t as pretty as yours. I’ll keep trying. I am based at S95 by Walla Walla. I will try to come over in August for some instruction from you.

    Willy “Sarge” Sargent

    • brian

      Hi, Willy,
      We can make yours pretty. You’re pretty close, so come on over to Tailwheel Town and we’ll go swoop some multiples. Thanks a lot for dropping a line. It’s appreciated.

  • Jan Johnson

    Hi Brian,
    This was a really helpful video for me to understand the concept of multiple landings. After the third pass on SJC’s 11,000 foot parallel runways, I was giggling like a little girl after the multiple landings. Looking forward to some day flying with you at Tailwheel Town.

    • brian

      Jan, I’d be delighted to welcome you to Tailwheel Town. By the way, we are just CRAWLING with LLT members here and hope to have a west coast LLT fly in soon.

  • John Carroll


    I have seen a lot on my time, but your training methods are some of the finest skill building techniques that I have ever seen. And it is funny, too, because the very things which make your innovations great are the same sort of manuevers which have provoked disapproval from other less adventurous thinkers.

    If you practice really hard-lipped German accented, ‘Vee do naught svoop a-round here-ah!, like statements enough times, you will have an inkling of my uphill battle against the fun-suckers who hide under bridges and steal enthusiasm from children. Thank God a few instructors are still passing on their talents, instead of their fears. Much praise!

    And not to be a pain, but I am staring daily, like a loual German Shepard dog who misses his lost family, at the mailbox for a copy of the recently revised and updated version of Dawn Flight. This time of year with all the snow and ice, your DVD is my only rest from boredom. Even my hangar and snowbound plane is calling for video relief.

    • brian

      Well, THAT is a head-swelling comment! And, by the way, I love the “troll under the bridge analogy”! Thank you, John. For all of those who want a copy of Dawn Flight, we are now in possession of a new digital master, but Bert Garrison needs to work a bit of magic on it before it is available. Don’t worry, I’ll make a lot of noise about it when it’s done, so everyone will know about it! Thank you again, John!

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