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11 comments to Slaloms

  • PJ Breton

    Awesome. My kind of flying. Thank you!

  • Clay

    Slow Internet connection made me wait for the new Hi Def version, but it was worth the wait. Great job!

  • George Feick

    What a wonderful video. I watched it several times. I just love and admire the great precision demonstrated by the master, “Krashburn”.

  • Many thanks to all those who emailed and commented on this latest video. By the way, George Feick was, in my opinion, one of the greatest air show announcers I ever witnessed. His performance with the “Tahoe Aces” was a model of the way an announcer can inject showmanship and drama into an aerobatic performance. And my dog liked him.

  • Chris Philcox

    Great video! Makes me want to go flying and skiing! Look forward to carving some turns soon!


  • Jim Gentry

    I was looking for info on glider aerotows and noticed the one on hand propping. What a fun and interesting video since the airplanes I have owned have all been taildraggers and needed propping. Enjoyed the one on slaloms and the multiple landing. The video quality and the surroundings of the flying are awesome. That is what flying is all about. Congrats!

  • When are you going to do a story on the Pawnee. With the nose SO low it is sure a transition from the ‘other’ tailwheels. thx g

    • brian

      Jim, it’s funny you should ask. As some of my readers know, I try to keep about twenty stories ahead. As a result I have a lot of articles and stories just sitting in a folder, waiting their turn to appear on the Tailwheeler’s Journal. There are a couple which feature the Pawnee, although one of them, tentatively entitled, “Ag Planes and Teenaged Girls”, may be reserved to make its first appearance in my new collection of stories which will be published soon. I’ll sure take your request seriously and see if perhaps one of the stories featuring the Pawnee can be pushed up the schedule a bit. Thanks a lot for writing!

  • John Alexander

    Hey Brian,
    I watched this video and went out today in my C-140 to give the slalom a try over at Corvallis (KCVO). Oh my! A humbling experience. You make it look so easy. Hah. Not so much. Shifting back over to the right wheel is difficult for me.

    Thanks for the videos. You set a good high bar to which I can aspire.

    I want to get over the hill to meet you and see about getting onto the Masters Tailwheel course.

    John Alexander
    Creswell, OR

  • Regarding The Slalom by Brian Lansburgh: I’m new to tailwheel flying  but I believe one of the most enjoyable flying experiences you can have is to get your tailwheel endorsement.  The Tailwwheeler’s Journal is one of my favorite training sites.

  • DWR

    Did this I a 152 really honed the rudder for me! When you don’t have a tailwheel at your disposal you use what you got. It’s a little more difficult than the 172 but once you get the hang of it it’s a tun of fun! Plus it put those in the Acme flying Academy in a knot.

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