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# 179 Dreams



Written in January, 2017


We all know how silly some dreams can be.  They can also be quite similar.  My pal, Jeff, had one such dream.  His consisted of his own flying of a motor home through bad winter weather with only one chance at a landing on a short, dirt strip.  The performance of the motor home was so bad that there was no way he could perform a go around.  It was one attempt or nothing.  He made it.  His wife, Tammy,  was heard to say, “Well, everyone knows you don’t attempt to fly a motor home in the winter”!

An Air Force Reserve F-4 Phantom II aircraft lands during Exercise GUNSMOKE ’85.

I was reminded of the time that I dreamt that the government decided to conduct a test concerning the ability of a bunch of dirt bag beater pilots to fly an advanced fighter like the F4.  So they delivered a squadron of F4s to my friends and me at a little 3,000 foot dirt strip in Southern Oregon.  With a mixture of temerity and cockiness, we all hoisted ourselves up into the fighters, started them up and took off.  You know something, they still flew like the Cubs and T Crafts we normally flew.  They simply put us higher with more switches and knobs!

Yep, dreams can sure be silly… but they can also be a lot of fun!


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