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Acme Duck and Airshow Company

10 comments to Acme Duck and Airshow Company

  • Phil C

    Hi Brian….loved it.

  • Kirby

    Ahhhh, the heck with the wife and kids…, that was the life for me… sure miss that act…thanks for the credit..

  • Clayton Roney

    That act was always one of my favorite acts. Who would have guessed that a decade later I would learn the art of taildraggery from the legend himself. Chrashburn T Throttlebottom.
    Brian, Thank you for sharing those memories. You have several hours of 3/4 tape. I hope you release some more video.

    Clayton Roney

  • tony

    Moose breath…….lol……..

    • brian

      Tony, I stole the name “Moosebreath, Montana” from my brother, who I think has forgotten that he thought of it. But that’s where Krashbern T. Throttlebottom called home. I stole the idea of always thinking I was in Pueblo, Colorado from my friend, Tom Jones, who forgot where he was once and said he was “happy to be here in Pueblo, Colorado”. I did an article about that and I believe a search of the journal will find it.

  • Mike Whitehead

    Such fun and incredible flying in a Cub! Ace seems like a once in a lifetime dog – I’d be hard pressed to choose between dogs and flying if I had to pick a favorite. Can you tell us more about that Cub and any mods you made besides the smoke system?

  • Ronn Dilling

    Well done Brian. I had not seen the duck act, smiled all the way through it. You know what, I have some 3/4 inch tape, just thought I would let you know…..
    Have you moved your operation?

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