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#226 “Prop-Slingin’ a Specialty

“…perhaps it was the snap roll that did it. Whatever it was, the sudden force on the crank shaft caused it to break and the propeller to depart from the rest of the airplane.” […]

The Pilot’s Bookshelf: #225, “The Doughnut Boy”

A few years ago, Mike Dennis shared his philosophy of writing with me. It seems he felt the main reason for telling a story was to bring forth one from the listener or reader. At first, that seemed foreign to me, but with time I realized that it is a noble and worthwhile pursuit. Mike […]

#224 Bad Training Baggage

“She swooped for the runway in an extremely short approach and landed in a turn, making the first turnoff.” […]

#223 Sometimes Ya Just Can’t Win



I once heard someone say that general aviation is the most regulated form of transportation that there is. I don’t know if that’s true, but it’s gotta be close. Those who have read my rants know that I believe that most regulations were created in order to regulate common sense. In other words, […]

#222 All my hobbies require a helmet

“Have you noticed,” he said, “that all my hobbies require the wearing of a helmet?” […]

#221 “Pueblo, Colorado

“The audience roared with laughter, and Tom was embarrassed to be so confused as to his location that weekend. When I heard about his Faux Pas, I was inspired and stole the bit for use in virtually every performance I did for years afterward.” […]

#220 What’s the Difference?

“Most flight instructors are building time while they lust after that airline job. When it is finally in their grasp, they haul ass, leaving all their students to find another flight instructor, who is also lusting after that airline job!” […]

#219 Ground Loops (Gulp!)

“let’s not forget that some of us will revert to the actions of a guy who is driving a Soap Box Derby racer.” […]

#218 More Traditions


Written in July, 2018



In a recent article in the Tailwheeler’s journal, I described with my tongue just a little bit in my cheek, how I’d established a new tradition, that of a CFI peeing on the windsock pole when a student solos. Well, it may be that sometimes I […]

#217 The Tailwheel Drag

“Like the Dutch Touch, The Tailwheel Drag is incredibly difficult. But mastery of it will create a pilot who is truly the master of the plane. And isn’t that what we’d all like to be?” […]