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#254 Flight Instructors

“By the way, since this article was written, my pall Jamie Klaes has not only become a flight instructor, but she is now in charge of a program to teach indigenous kids from villages all over Alaska to fly. A better person could not have been found”. […]

#244 Why are those shoes in that tree?

I guess I’ve spent a lot of time over the years either driving or flying along Hwy 20 as it passes alongside the Malhuer River in Oregon. I’d had an adventure a few years back when the exhaust on my 100 HP Cub decided to come apart while I was on my way to an […]

#243 Incident at Drewsey

It was back when I was in the airshow biz. I was on my way to an airshow in Ontario, Oregon. Since it was fairly close, I was flying my 100 HP Cub and was being followed by my then-wife in the “Duckmobile” with all of our props, two dogs and 7 Ducks.

It […]

#242 Blowing My Own Horn

I was this guy’s first flight instructor and soloed him. On his first solo he proved that he had the correct instinct when he made a low pass on one wheel. He went on to become the Commanding officer of an FA-18 Squadron on an Aircraft carrier. […]

#241 Please Don’t Feel Bad

It has occurred to me that, not only do I say some rather unflattering things about the Acme flying school, but such statements may cause those who learned from Acme to feel bad. Trust me, that is not my intent. […]

#240 Leading with Inside Rudder

I was prompted to write this article because of one applicant with whom I recently flew. It seems that until he flew the tailwheel endorsement course, he suffered from a bad coordination habit and no one thought to correct it. […]

#239 Why Acme Training is Good

I’ll bet THAT title surprised you. The ol’ curmudgeon claiming that the Acme Flying School’s training is GOOD? Well, sure, and, in case you haven’t figured it out yet, I’ll let you in on my thinking. […]

#238 Pitch and Power

There may be no better symbol of how flight training is conducted than the old debate about what controls speed and what controls altitude. […]

#237 Tara’s “Aha!” Moment


Written in July, 2019

All of us who fly are indebted to our flight instructors. There are good ones and not so good ones. But they guide their students to their private pilot certificates and in doing so they teach a whole bunch of details. In fact, the number of facts they […]

#236 The Most Memorable Flight



Written in June, 2019



I’ve often said that Steve Oliver is the smartest aviator I know. Perhaps that’s why when Steve mentioned the most memorable flight he’d ever had, I listened. I’d never thought about it before, but the flight that had meant so much to Steve was the […]