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#205 Symbols

“The starling was dead, but that wasn’t what made it the amazing metaphor that it would be for the rest of my life.” […]

#204 The Day Janet Lansburgh Jumped off the Oakwood Avenue Bridge

“By the time she was ready to go, the whole damned neighborhood seemed to be there to watch. Mom carefully sidled over the rail, then leapt off. ” […]

 #203, “S” Turns

“Acme strikes again when they teach never to make steep turns close to the ground!” […]

#202 Builders and Flyers

“In fact, I’m not sure, but I’ll bet that virtually every member of the “Geezer Patrol” belongs to the EAA!” […]

#201 What if…?

“An aircraft on takeoff is at its most vulnerable. If there is safety in altitude, there is no safety on takoff because there is no altitude! If there is also safety in airspeed, there is little of of that as well as the takeoff begins!” […]

#200 The Irrigation Pivot

“Years ago, my wish came true. I was flying with a primary student and I spotted a big irrigation pivot that had been freshly mowed.” […]

#199 “Shock Cooling”

“What I find fascinating is that those whose opinions I respect seem to be on different sides of this issue.” […]

#198 Shaking Hands

“I also experiment to see how much rudder is required to compensate for left yawing tendency (that’s “left-turning tendency” for you Acme fliers) in climbing flight.” […]

#197  “A Teacher of Flying”

“Are you going to wear your pilot hat or your teacher hat? ” […]

The Pilot’s Bookshelf: Review of “Shoot Like a Girl”

“I’m not sure I’d ever experienced a “driveway moment” until the day I was listening to an interview with Mary Jennings Hegar, the author of “Shoot Like a Girl”.” […]