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#200 The Irrigation Pivot

“Years ago, my wish came true. I was flying with a primary student and I spotted a big irrigation pivot that had been freshly mowed.” […]

#199 “Shock Cooling”

“What I find fascinating is that those whose opinions I respect seem to be on different sides of this issue.” […]

#198 Shaking Hands

“I also experiment to see how much rudder is required to compensate for left yawing tendency (that’s “left-turning tendency” for you Acme fliers) in climbing flight.” […]

#197  “A Teacher of Flying”

“Are you going to wear your pilot hat or your teacher hat? ” […]

The Pilot’s Bookshelf: Review of “Shoot Like a Girl”

“I’m not sure I’d ever experienced a “driveway moment” until the day I was listening to an interview with Mary Jennings Hegar, the author of “Shoot Like a Girl”.” […]

#196 Fly Like an Airline Pilot

““Get on his ass”, I coached the pilot with me. “That way you can turn inside him when we are on the go because he will be climbing straight out. ” […]

#195 One More Rant about the Radio

“I guess I’m one of those guys who believes that “Bernoulli makes airplanes fly, not Marconi”. […]

#194 “If I tole ya once…”



“He who hesitates is lost…”

(written 3-16)

I was getting him ready to solo, so I was very concerned with emergency procedures. After all, no teacher of flying wants to see a soloed student end up with a bent airplane (or bent student) when proper training could […]

#193 Why Landings?

“Lately, I’ve changed the way in which we do multiples. Now, we conduct the first landing as a Wheelie on the left side of the center line. Then we power up, get back in the air and slide over to the right side with an alternating side slip. The heading never changes.” […]

#192 “What’s Important to You”

“But here’s what impresses me about Hoop. He was broke and stuck with no prospects. So he hauled ass across the street to a little seafood restaurant and nightclub and got himself a job as a dishwasher.” […]