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Acme Duck and Airshow Company

The Tailwheel Town Hats are Here!

Finally! Our own Tailwheel Town hat! This great ball cap with our custom “Tailwheel Town” logo will separate the stick and rudder types from the throngs at “Acme”! AND, we’ll even tell you how to perform a “buttonectomy” in order to remove the top button from your cap. Or, for no extra charge, we’ll remove it for you! Just let us know. The hats are available at Tailwheel Town for one moldy old twenty dollar bill, or you can order it here at the Tailwheeler’s Mercantile with just a couple of additional bucks for shipping.

DVD Promo

A Little Teaser

The Tailwheel Productions crew begins to shoot for our new DVD set which will be offered in the summer of 2014. […]


The Slalom: A maneuver which will really tweak your landing skills! […]

Production Time Lapse “Salt Creek Industries”

The Tailwheel Productions crew on location for Salt Creek Industries […]

Time Lapse: Shooting an Intro

Ever wonder what’s involved in shooting one of our intros? This little time lapse will show you how we do it. […]

Multiple Landings

We demonstrate a maneuver that will definitely tweak up your piloting skills. […]

Coming Attractions #3

Time Lapse: Cub Sunrise