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Coming Attractions 2

Production Time Lapse

Brian and Bert shoot scenes for the Tailwheeler’s journal. Their efforts are condensed by time lapse videography […]

Coming Attractions 1

Landing in a Turn (2)

We demonstrate a great proficiency manuever for those who want to precisely control their airplanes. […]

Wicked Wingsuits “Dead Air”

Jessie’s Last Ride

In the early nineties a small group of airshow performers offered pioneering wingwalker Jessie Woods a chance to ride the wing once more. Jessie was in her eighties, but leapt at the chance. We’ve dipped into our archives to present this little feature, “Jessie’s Last Ride”. […]

In Celebration of Flight

Celebration of Flight

Bert Garrison uncovers a great old film in the Tailwheeler’s Journal archives. […]

The Great American Flying Circus

Great American Flying Circus

This is one of Brian Lansburgh’s earliest films and gives us a glimpse of the airshow troupe that started it all. It stars the late Bill Warren and features lots of our pals, like Ronn Dilling, Kirby Mills and Stu “Cap’n Mac” MacPherson. […]

Bill’s wake

Aviation great Bill Warren’s friends gather to say “goodbye”… Lots of good “Bill Stories”, including the classic story of Bill and Kirby and the flag jump that went wrong… […]

“Flight” part 2

Flight Part 2 from Tailwheel Town on Vimeo.

Part two of the television series no one saw. This half features two of Brian’s pals taking a first jump course from skydiving instructor Rich “Zimmo” Zimmerman. Originally filmed in 1982 as a pilot episode of a television series.