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The Pilot’s Bookshelf: #225, “The Doughnut Boy”

A few years ago, Mike Dennis shared his philosophy of writing with me. It seems he felt the main reason for telling a story was to bring forth one from the listener or reader. At first, that seemed foreign to me, but with time I realized that it is a noble and worthwhile pursuit. Mike […]

The Pilot’s Bookshelf: Review of “Shoot Like a Girl”

“I’m not sure I’d ever experienced a “driveway moment” until the day I was listening to an interview with Mary Jennings Hegar, the author of “Shoot Like a Girl”.” […]

Book Review: “Fly by Wire”

“If you’ve never heard the name “William Langewiesche”, you’ve been missing out on something. You’ve been missing the work of a very fine writer.” […]

“Doorknob 52”

“I love this book. I will read it again when I can slowly savor the words and descriptions, and revisit those scenes Mr. Arnold has painted in my imagination.” […]

Book Review: “Victor, the Reluctant Vulture”

“I was enthralled”. […]

“To War in a Stringbag”

Lamb’s Swordfish was the last aircraft to be recovered on HMS Courageous. He hops out of his aircraft and makes his way to the mess hall, looking forward to a drink with his pals. He never makes it. The carrier is sunk and before long Lamb finds himself floating in the sea. […]

The Pilot’s Bookshelf

I’ve decided to do something about this reading deficit among my flying brethren. For one thing, I’m going to “plug” some aviation classics to the readers of the Tailwheeler’s Journal. […]

The Pilot’s Bookshelf: “Over African Jungles”

The Sikorsky S-38 on the ramp at the Reno Air Races

I attended the Reno Air Races back in September of 2008. It was fun wandering about the ramp without having to worry about what time to fly and how the ducks and dogs were doing!

One airplane both […]

#5 The School for Perfection

Tailwheeler’s Journal #5: School for Perfection Many years ago a writer created tremendous excitement with a bestselling book. The book was “Jonathon Livingston Seagull” and the writer was Richard Bach. The “Bird Book” was followed by several others, including “Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah”. Bach was THE aviation writer of his time, although […]