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#183 A Visit to the Groundloop Saloon

“As a teacher of flying, I found that on those occasions when I sought to overpower a student on the controls, I was always pushing. I was always trying to get the nose down. Was it only me, who had taken up the cause of lower angle of attack? ” […]

#182 The Influence of One Elephant

“Some people will lose because of this decision on my part, but it’s my hope that thousands will benefit (Hey, I said it was “my hope”!).” […]

# 177 Misconceptions

“A stall results in a spin” is one of the most popular aviation misconceptions. […]

#173 “Yer scarin’ me, Man!”

“As my pal Jerry so often has said, “If you’ve got flaps down AND are adding power, you’ve made a mistake.” […]

#172 The Dreaded Bounce

“Cue the villagers with their pitchforks and torches because I think that solution sucks.” […]

#170 Bump on a Log

“Sometimes the best thing a CFI can do is nothing. Sometimes he has to just sit there and let the student practice or to simply see how he performs a particular action without any input from the instructor.” […]

#169 Creeping Pitch

“…as a teacher of flying, I have seen something that terrifies the crap out of me and which threatens the whole of aviation, especially that of all Acme trained flyers. Hah! I’ll bet I have your attention NOW!” […]

#166 Nosepicker Control

I once had an airline captain who, when asked to get right on someone’s butt on final, said, “Gee, I always wanted to do this, but can’t get away with it on the job!” […]

#164 “Them what can, do”

I recently received a message from a friend across the Atlantic. Earlier he had sought my help in defending himself from prosecutors who were after him for water-skiing his airplane. I did a bit of research and found that this guy was far more qualified than I was. In his message, he let me know […]

#162 Hands

My daughter, Janet’s, hand in mine. Hers is much larger now.

I think it was during the filming of Dawn Flight back in 1974 that I first became aware of the distinctive look of an aviator’s hands. Tim Saltonstall flew the Cessna 180 which we used both as a towplane and a camera […]