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#222 All my hobbies require a helmet

“Have you noticed,” he said, “that all my hobbies require the wearing of a helmet?” […]

#220 What’s the Difference?

“Most flight instructors are building time while they lust after that airline job. When it is finally in their grasp, they haul ass, leaving all their students to find another flight instructor, who is also lusting after that airline job!” […]

#214 Angela and the Flat Turn


First a giggle, then a guffaw emanated from the front seat of the PA12 as Angela did the maneuver for the first time. She followed it with the same maneuver in the opposite direction with the same result… gales of laughter and delight at what the little Cub could do. What was the maneuver […]

#157 What’s the difference?

This may be the most important article I ever write, considering that it deals with the difference between “The Tailwheel Town Way” and “The Acme Way”. I believe that at least 90 % of all flight training is done the “Acme” way. In fact, it’s probably true that almost all flight schools are “Acme”. Occasionally, […]

#102 Chickens

Photo by Bert Garrison

Some of my expressions get used a lot. They also prove to be fodder for good-natured ribbing on the part of my friends and students. As is often the case, many of these expressions are actually “truisms”. They are well-used simply because they are so often accurate. One of […]

#62 Gayle Crowder: “Simple Things”

“… feel the airspeed, feel the coordination of your turns with your rear end, keep your feet moving and your eyes outside the cockpit…” […]