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#220 What’s the Difference?

“Most flight instructors are building time while they lust after that airline job. When it is finally in their grasp, they haul ass, leaving all their students to find another flight instructor, who is also lusting after that airline job!” […]

#174 Snatch Force

“One such subject is that of snatch force and the way it affects acceleration or “G’s. How many times have I advised, “Don’t snatch”? Maybe not as many times as I’ve said, “Get the nose down”, but a lot!” […]

#133 Murphy’s Law

“I’d always accepted the existence of Murphy’s Law without giving its origination much thought. But I think it was in reading the autobiography of Joe Kittinger that I may have found out the source.” […]

#93 Just Like a Kid

“Although most kids are afraid of real aerobatic maneuvers like loops and rolls, they are almost universally delighted by the simple sensation of zero “G”s.” […]