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#243 Incident at Drewsey

It was back when I was in the airshow biz. I was on my way to an airshow in Ontario, Oregon. Since it was fairly close, I was flying my 100 HP Cub and was being followed by my then-wife in the “Duckmobile” with all of our props, two dogs and 7 Ducks.

It […]

#229 The Dirt Runway

“You would be amazed at how many rated pilots have NEVER landed on dirt or grass.” […]

#226 “Prop-Slingin’ a Specialty

“…perhaps it was the snap roll that did it. Whatever it was, the sudden force on the crank shaft caused it to break and the propeller to depart from the rest of the airplane.” […]

#208 “I don’t see how anyone could do that!”

“the next time you hear me say, “I just don’t see how anyone could do something so stupid”, prepare for me to do something really stupid!” […]

#180 Tiedowns


Written October, 2016

By the title, you’d think that this was a story having to do with tying an airplane down. It’s not. Of course, if the airplane in question HAD been tied down, there would be no story! Parts of this story were featured in the Tailwheeler’s Journal article, “The World’s […]

#163 Incident at Drewsey (or, Luck and Preparation)

“Now, all of the folks who take dual flight instruction from me, should know that I’m a big believer in the “jumping from rock to rock” school of cross country flying.” […]

#152 Responsibility

“He accepted full responsibility, offering absolutely no excuse for the incident. I thought he was a class act.” […]

#145 Air Show Announcers

“The late Bill Warren once commented that Kirby Mills was a mess by the time an airshow was over. All that physical comedy and all those pratfalls in the dirt had made a filthy wreck of him. And I never saw another announcer come close to that kind of dedication.” […]

#116 Run-in at Rajneeshpuram

” The Rajneeshees shook their fists at us and we waggled a middle finger at them. It was true communication.” […]

#103 Pilots are Like Horses

“We train ourselves every time we take to the air.” […]