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#99 Ukrainian Summer

” The Migs had been hurriedly painted with Ukrainian colors and the trident-looking symbol of Ukraine. It may have looked like it was painted with a broom but, by gawd, it wasn’t Soviet anymore!” […]

#96 It’s National Elevator Month!

” Most commonly it gets misused to yank the nose up and momentarily increase “G” force and thus stall speed while it’s buddy, the rudder, is busy skidding the plane, sending another hapless pilot to the Westward regions.” […]

#64 Looks ain’t Everything

“One of the geezers on the bench perked up as we rolled to a stop in front of the gas pump. He slowly raised up off the bench and limped slowly over to the trailer, his gimpy leg causing him to lurch a bit like Walter Brennan.” […]

#53 “Ducks? What ducks?”

“(The Snowbirds) even let Ace the Wonder Dog sit in one of their jets!” […]