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#212 The Power of Practice

“Interestingly enough, I find that the maneuver I practice the least is the landing in a turn followed by slaloms”. […]

#211 An Old Rule

” Isn’t that interesting? Those concerned with safety, have no knowledge of safe operations!” […]

#210 What’s in a Name?

“For example, I realized that pilots had, for years, been using a rather goofy knot to tie their airplanes down. ” […]

#187 John Denver

“She was ready to meet her heartthrob and probably even had her hand out for a shake when she was told by the show controller that it was our turn.” […]

#171 “Why does everyone make it so damned complicated?”

“…but in my very humble opinion, the authors of those pieces of advice have their heads securely lodged in their nether regions.” […]

#140 Monday Morning Multiples

“We do them with a little mnemonic mantra: “power, pitch, pitch, power”, we chant as we run down the runway in our little taildragger, executing as many as five or six landings and takeoffs in one touch-and-go cycle. It’s called “Multiple Landings”, or just “Multiples”. It’s challenging, difficult… and fun as hell!” […]

#100 The 360 Degree Overhead Approach

“Most pilots cannot land power-off on a spot that is located 1200 feet directly below them.” […]

#72 In Defense of the Landing in a Turn

“Out of the corner of my eye, I could see that rascal, Hooper, releasing his seatbelt and shoulder harness. How else could a guy float off his seat?” […]

#61 The “Three Amigos” of Proficiency Maneuvers

“You can go ahead and obey the rule of always landing straight ahead in the boulder field if you want, but I’ll continue to teach my students to constantly analyze their options on every takeoff…” […]