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# 188 The Window

” in my opinion, approach speed has absolutely nothing to do with the quality of the landing (hear that sound? That’s the sound of bags of Cheetos being dropped as the trolls leap to their keyboards)” […]

# 177 Misconceptions

“A stall results in a spin” is one of the most popular aviation misconceptions. […]

#171 “Why does everyone make it so damned complicated?”

“…but in my very humble opinion, the authors of those pieces of advice have their heads securely lodged in their nether regions.” […]

#164 “Them what can, do”

I recently received a message from a friend across the Atlantic. Earlier he had sought my help in defending himself from prosecutors who were after him for water-skiing his airplane. I did a bit of research and found that this guy was far more qualified than I was. In his message, he let me know […]

#160 Why Landings?

“As I’ve pointed out in “Brian’s Flying Book”, a flyer is already more efficient by simply using the Tailwheel Town pattern.” […]

#157 What’s the difference?

This may be the most important article I ever write, considering that it deals with the difference between “The Tailwheel Town Way” and “The Acme Way”. I believe that at least 90 % of all flight training is done the “Acme” way. In fact, it’s probably true that almost all flight schools are “Acme”. Occasionally, […]

# 151 The YoYo

“If the Accelerometer is the Rodney Dangerfield of instruments, perhaps it’s because “G” force is the Rodney Dangerfield of forces.” […]

#147 If Your Engine Quits When You Need It Most

“Although contact with the earth (and maybe also with a cow) was in my very near future, I did have a few seconds to check some things.” […]

#143 Safety

“Military pilots receive formation training. Good luck finding that at Acme!” […]

#130 Frank Lloyd Wright and the Place for Opinion in Aviation

“Somewhere in their training, some yayhoo had told them that they should put the airplane in a landing attitude and keep it there until touchdown. I guess altitude is controlled by power. Here comes my grandfather. They are just plain WRONG!” […]