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#241 Please Don’t Feel Bad

It has occurred to me that, not only do I say some rather unflattering things about the Acme flying school, but such statements may cause those who learned from Acme to feel bad. Trust me, that is not my intent. […]

#101 Father/Daughter Arrival

“At fifteen, she’s one of the youngest students I’ve taught. Predictably, she learns fast. Couple that with a lot of natural ability and interest and you’ve got a student who is great fun for a teacher”. […]

#64 Looks ain’t Everything

“One of the geezers on the bench perked up as we rolled to a stop in front of the gas pump. He slowly raised up off the bench and limped slowly over to the trailer, his gimpy leg causing him to lurch a bit like Walter Brennan.” […]

#39 Ripping off the Students…

“I once witnessed a student and instructor perched in their 172 at the hold short line. The instructor was yakking up a storm. He was yakking so much, in fact, that we did four landings while they sat there with the engine (and the Hobbs meter) running. I think that student was being ripped off….” […]

# 28 – Why Tailwheels?

A look at just what makes tailwheel airplanes the skill-developing vehicles they are. […]