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#158 Shoes

” The reason given for shoeless flight is usually the same. The shoeless fliers claim that their feet are then more sensitive to rudder pedals and brake. Although they may be right, I don’t think they are right enough to cancel the lack of safety. So I usually say to them, “Get over it”.” […]

#153 Oh I’m sorry, Sir!

“Tom, realizing that time was wasting, told the cop that he didn’t have time for all this badge foolishness. He took off. ” […]

#152 Responsibility

“He accepted full responsibility, offering absolutely no excuse for the incident. I thought he was a class act.” […]

#149 “Dinkey Divey”!

“There is hardly a flight goes by that I don’t see some Whuffo doing something stupid.” […]

#143 Safety

“Military pilots receive formation training. Good luck finding that at Acme!” […]

#137 The Wings are on Fire!

Written 8-2015

I think I first became aware of the possibilities of fireworks before I even got into the airshow business. Art Scholl used to mount fireworks on his Chipmunk and do a night act. I once saw an old air show poster, showing a wingwalker above a city. She held highway flares […]

#121 The Sterile Cockpit

In the last few years, the Acme Flying School has continued to encourage the squelching of pilot improvement by coming up with “The Sterile Cockpit”. Naturally, this concept began with the airline industry and has crept into federal aviation regulations. Seems like

“The concept of the “Sterile Cockpit” originated with the airlines.” (Photo […]

#120 The Culture of Flying

“That’s one reason why all my students learn to hand-prop.” […]

#104 Preston Foster

“if you’re ever in trouble, just give Flicka her head and she’ll bring you home”. […]

#103 Pilots are Like Horses

“We train ourselves every time we take to the air.” […]